American Manicure School of Art was founded by, Rasheeda Arterberry, in January 2016. After her end of obligated service from the US Navy in 2007, Rasheeda got her manicure license from a cosmetology school in Grand Prairie, TX.

After extensive research to find a manicure school, she soon discovered there were none throughout the DFW area. So, she decided to open the manicure school for nail artist to obtain a license.

Until now, there are zero schools in the entire DFW metropolis, dedicated solely to manicuring. There are also zero cosmetology/manicuring schools in the Dallas area who offer specialized training in manicuring with a concentration in Business.

 American Manicure School of Art created the most practical curriculum for optimal success. Here, nail artists can express their artistic views and students can get a creative learning experience that will surpass excellence in manicuring. 

Articles & Publications

Articles & Publications

Arlington Texas News Paper 4/1/17               Five Star Media & Production Magazine 4/1/17 

High Vibe Media Group.com

I chose American! Talk Show 3/25/17

Press Release & Ribbon Cutting


It's not a secret that planning and preparation pays off. At American Manicure School of Art, we place an emphasis on details, as that is what allows us to provide you with the best learning strategy. Whether helping find the right techniques or customer service, we prefer to take a creative approach and cover all the bases.

As a full-service Manicure School, our goal is to provide you with guidance and solutions, regardless of the situation. We make it a point to pair you  with the most skilled and experienced teacher. This is our way of ensuring you get the proper attention and you get the opportunity you deserve.


The American Manicure School of Art seeks to create a challenging learning environment that nurtures, individual differences and learning styles, creative freedom, critical insight, and encourages high expectations for success. Our school ensures that each graduate receives the formal and technical education and practical experience necessary to broker new and empowering connections in a global market, and make an innovative impact in the field of cosmetology arts and sciences.


To prepare our students with the education, creativity and training necessary to have a rewarding career in cosmetology.